Majestik Food was established in 2003 to provide ethnic and authentic chilled and ready meals of African and Caribbean origin. The business was started at home, as a partnership, Christos Mobile Kitchen, by Tola and Abisola Christos­Wahab, with the help of family and friends who gave their time, money, cars and equipment. We delivered packed foods to local Offices, Shops and Homes. We also catered for Weddings, Office Parties, Private Catering, Conferences and Outdoor Events.
In 2007, a warehouse unit was leased and renovated, creating a commercial kitchen in order for the business to achieve its mission and move to the next level of catering for community sector such as Meals on Wheels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Mental Institutions and Prisons.
Our mission is to supply first ­class food service targeting not only the ethnic marketplace but the wider economy. We have built up a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and always attaining a high quality of attitude. We have also gained a multitude of experience and expertise in catering for weddings, parties, conferences, indoor and outdoor events.

In 2016, we have streamline our services to bespoke events and producing African & Caribbean cooking sauces.


· To become one of the leading suppliers of authentic African and Caribbean cooking sauces in UK.


· To provide first­class food service of African and Caribbean origin, targeting not only ethnic marketplace but the wider economy.
· To serve our stakeholders by providing attractive returns on their investments.
· To comply with the highest level of food safety standards [Food Standards Agency ­ HACCP].


· To manage cash flows and achieve profitability so as to remain in business.
· To serve our customers by being creative, innovative, reliable and provide top quality products and service. · To aim at market leadership in our sector and develop fruitful and beneficial partnership with institutions and retail outlets.
· To recognize the fact that people are our greatest resource – to have a team of highly motivated, dedicated and trained members of staff.
· To become socially responsible – as a good citizen we shall seek to invest in our community and provide for the disadvantaged in society.
· To provide training and employment for local people especially the young and the elderly.
· To concentrate on building a stronger client base in the African and Caribbean food sector and intend to create an advantage over our competitors.
· To carry out frequent market research to maintain, build and develop our market position.

Company Ethos

The Values That Define Us and Drive Us

· Personal HONESTY and INTEGRITY are the foundation of our success.
· MAJESTIK FOOD is a fun and friendly place where TEAMWORK rules.
· As individual we may be great but as a TEAM we are INVINCIBLE.
· We work HARD – and we REWARD hard work.
· Great things happen when we LISTEN to our CUSTOMERS and to EACH OTHER.
· We love our NEIGHBOURS and desire to strengthen our COMMUNITIES.
· Our DOORS are always OPEN to all.