Majestik Food was established in 2003 to provide ethnic and authentic chilled and ready meals of African and Caribbean origin. The business was started at home, as a partnership, Christos Mobile Kitchen, by Tola and Abisola Christos¬-Wahab, with the help of family and friends who gave their time, money, cars and equipment. We delivered packed foods to local Offices, Shops and Homes. We also catered for Weddings, Office Parties, Private Catering, Conferences and Outdoor Events.

Our mission is to supply first ¬class food service targeting not only the ethnic marketplace but the wider economy. We have built up a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and always attaining a high quality of attitude. We have also gained a multitude of experience and expertise in catering for weddings, parties, conferences, indoor and outdoor events.

In 2016, we have streamlined our services to bespoke events and producing African & Caribbean cooking sauces, which cut out the cooking time of most African & Caribbean dishes without compromising the authentic taste. It is quick and easy to use and produces to the highest standard.