FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Majestik Sauces suitable for Vegetarian?

Yes, our sauces are suitable for vegetarians.

How do you ship your sauces?

They are place in a small carton of six and are courier delivered to make sure our sauces get to you unharmed.

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

We sure do. Simply contact us and we will get back to you with additional information.

Do you have any coupons or free samples available?
Be sure to watch our Facebook page and website where we occasionally offer coupons.

Do you have any recipes using your sauces?
You can find some great recipes. Simply click here to browse on selection of recipes using our sauces.

How should my jar of Sauces be stored?

Always store your unopened jar of sauce in a cool, dry place. We recommend that you use the sauce by the “Best Used By” date. We should note that refrigerating unopened jars will NOT lengthen shelf life.

The product life is limited once the jar is opened due to several factors: amount of time jar remained open at room temperature, amount of exposure to bacteria and other contaminants after opening i.e., airborne bacteria, improper food handling techniques, temperature of refrigerator (may vary significantly). We always recommend that you tightly cap any unused portion of sauce and refrigerate it immediately; freezing is not recommended as product may separate during thaw.

All sauces should be used within 3-5 days after opening with proper refrigeration.

How do I know if the product is still safe to eat?

The "Best Used By Date" is stamped on the top of every jar of our sauces. This is the date that assures the product's optimum quality and freshness. We recommend that you use your product by this date.

Is the product packaging recyclable?

Our glass and plastic jars are both recyclable.

Do you still have unanswered questions?

Don't fret. Simply Contact us and we will strive to answer any of your questions as quickly as possible.